axle casing

axle casing
aks kovani, dingil kovani

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  • axle casing — A British term indicating a tubular housing which encloses the differential and half shafts along with their bearings. The US term is axle housing …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • axle housing — An American term indicating a tubular housing which encloses the differential and half shafts along with their bearings. The British term is axle casing. Also see rear axle housing, banjo type rear axle housing rear axle housing, split type …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Portal axle — Portal axles (or portal gear) are an offroad technology where the axle tube is above the center of the wheel hub. [ m0FZX/is 7 65/ai 55438454 New Spicer portal axles for compact utility tractors introduced by… …   Wikipedia

  • floating axle — noun : a live axle used in a self propelled vehicle to turn the wheels, the dead weight of the vehicle being carried on the ends of a fixed axle housing or casing …   Useful english dictionary

  • housing — [1] The outer sleeve through which a brake or gear cable is pulled. The housing transmits an equal push to counter the pull on the inner cable. Traditional housing consists of a tight spiral of steel wire, usually coated with plastic. Newer… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Chapman strut — Lotus Twelve The Chapman strut is a design of independent rear suspension used for light cars, particularly sports and racing cars. It takes its name from, and is best known for its use by, Colin Chapman of Lotus. The characteristic feature of… …   Wikipedia

  • banjo — [1] Besides being a musical instrument, this is a fitting which is shaped like a banjo. It has round end that is doughnut shaped with a tube coming out from one side. It is usually used to transfer fluid from the center hole of the round end and… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • torque tube — A hollow forward extrusion of the rear axle casing incorporated in early live rear axle designs, both enclosing the drive shaft and providing a forward location of the driven axle, pivoting about a spherical joint either at the rear end of the… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • torque arm — A T shaped extrusion of the rear axle casing to take up forward thrust of the driven axle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • differential cage — The rotating metal fram which encloses the differential side gears and pinion gears inside the axle casing. Also called the differential carrier …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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